Ull per ull i la casa sin barrer

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About Miquel Banchs-Piqué

Hi, I’m Miquel. I live in Portsmouth (UK) since October 2016, where I am doing a PhD. In it I'm applying scenario analysis to the future household energy consumption. Before that, I’ve been 6 years in Göttingen (Germany) –go there to live, at least for some months!–, 10 months in Helsinki and 6 months in Barcelona. The rest of my life, which is not few, I spent it in Gelida. I studied physics and I hold a MSc in photonics. It is our duty to fix the world. A very important thing for our and future generations is to clean up the Earth, and we need to do it fast if we want it to be of any use. But how to do it in this system? We have a lot of work to do… We need to take care of our environment at the same time as we need to fix the system. As long as our system will not encourage us to take care of the environment, we can do a lot of individual effort but this is not going to be of much use. And as long as the system promotes selfishness, accumulation (and use) of power, and inequality, most of the population will have too many problems to be able to think about the Earth. And, you know what? That's only one of the perils we face but I won't bore you with more right now... If you like what I write, don’t doubt to share it and comment it. I don’t think I will ever publish posts regularly, so you can subscribe and rest assured it won’t fill your inbox.

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